BONUS: Learn about ME & Social Care

Hello and welcome to Believe in ME with Rhona Barton. This week, I’m going to be sharing a episode of the Action for ME Podcast, Learn about ME, that I was invited to be part of in March this year.

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I hope you enjoy this episode as it’s about exploring the understanding and adjustments needed in Social Care and Social Work service to enable people with M.E. to access and benefit from services. I had the pleasure of joining Clare Ogden, Services Manager at Action for M.E. and Zoe McIntyre, a professional in social care who also has Fibromyalgia on this episode.

The podcast illustrates some of the barriers and challenges that are useful to keep in mind while working to support someone with M.E. This episode highlights the adjustments that are useful to enable someone with M.E. to engage with services and create appropriate care plans. Zoe also raises important considerations around safety and how the unique nature of M.E. requires a different, more flexible approach to avoid harm.

So that’s it for today everybody. I hope you found this episode useful and that you can see that Action for ME is reaching out to wider groups to help spread the message of the assistance and considerations required for people with ME.

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