BONUS: Learn about ME Webinar on ME/CFS & Social Care

Hello and welcome to Believe in ME with Rhona Barton. This week I’m sharing another bonus episode with you. I participated in a Webinar for Social Care that was hosted by Dr Nina Muirhead. Nina is a Specialty Doctor in Dermatology Surgery in the NHS and she became unwell with ME in 2016. She’s used her experience to work in partnership to create a CPD module in ME/CFS for GPs and allied health professionals. As advance notice, the webinar ran to over an hour so you may wish to break this episode down into smaller chunks and digest it over a number of days. Also, there are a few pause or blips in the recording as we were battling some internet issues but I’ve left it unedited here for you.

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You can watch the full webinar recording over at Action for ME’s YouTube channel or just below this and view the slides that were shared on the day, but in the meantime, the audio recording is above.

So that’s it for today everybody. I think you’ll agree that the webinar captured a huge amount of information and the contributions from both those on the panel and those attending gave rise to some really good discussion and questions.

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