Why I'm walking away from my Podcast

Since May 2020, I had my podcast, The Transformational Coach - Thoughts from my Sofa available publicly. It's been a great lockdown project and one that I've thoroughly enjoyed recording, editing and growing. It was in the Top 30 for the Listener's Choice in the 2021 Podcasting for Business Awards and was a finalist in the Best Health & Wellbeing category in the 2022 Podcasting for Business Awards. But I'm walking away from it.

One thing I've discovered over the past few weeks and months is that it's not targeting the people that I WANT to work with the most.

So I'm starting another one!

I'm starting a podcast about all things Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) related - called Believe in ME with Rhona Barton.

As somebody who lived with ME for almost 10 years, I’m passionate about offering hope and inspiration to others who are experiencing ME. I haven’t really shared my own story with ME in much detail over the years but in the past few months I’ve been invited to do so more and more to the point where I feel now is the right time to share more fully. I was bed-bound and wheelchair-bound with ME before finding my feet again and coming through the other side so believe me when I say, I understand what you’re going through.

If you are a woman living with ME, or you have recently been diagnosed with ME, then I’m here for you! I’ve been there, done that and I’ve not only got the t-shirt but I’ve worn holes in it too through all my trial and error!

So why don’t you join me? You can subscribe now to receive notifications of each episode and Season 1 launches on 16th May 2022 to round off ME Awareness Week.

Like, share and subscribe to Believe in ME with Rhona Barton via Apple podcasts, Spotify or wherever you find your podcasts.

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